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Who is Crawford Education Plus LLC.?

Crawford Education Plus LLC is one of the leading supports in education. With over 20 years of tutoring experience, they expanded their program into a Summer Fest Experience. When COVID shut the world down, CEP created opportunities to stay connected to students. Now CEP company has expanded into two parts. The first is Summer Fest, a two week low cost summer camp experience with focus on STEM, coding, aviation, and drones.   The second leg of the company is Drone Preparation Study Group 101. This group facilitates lessons and extensions to help students prepare for the 107 examine. 



At Crawford Education Plus we believe that we are a place that allows a mind to grow. 


Thousands of parents are looking for a unique innovative way to encourage their children to learn We believe in providing an opportunities for children to learn and grow in the realm of S.T.E.A.M.

(Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Architecture, and Mathematics)

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