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Charlene Crawford a certified teacher and Former Director Christian Education, has worked with children and literature for over 36 years. She has earned her bachelor’s degree in education, her master’s degree in computers and technology in the classroom, and principal certification. She was presented with an Honorary Doctoral degree in Theology because of all of her hard work and commitment to the advancement of children in Christian Ministry. This children’s pastor is also the owner of Crawford Education Plus LLC, a successful tutoring program for 20 years which has branched into a stem program with a concentration on programming, coding, and aviation.


Charlene Crawford was inducted into the National Association of Professional Women and the Cambridge Who’s Who for all of her accomplishments. Charlene was the 1998 Outstanding Educator recipient. Her first published book, Adventures with Granny in the Garden, was nominated Best Children’s Christian Book of the year. In 2019 her book, The Boy Who Cried Wolf Retold by the Wolf was nominated Best children's Book. Crawford was the recipient of the 2021 Editor's Choice Award for the poem Greatness lives inside of you and the  2007 Editors Choice Award for her poem African Woman of God. Her latest children’s book entitled Hope and I are Coming Back to School coauthored by her daughter Luna received the nomination of best children’s book for 2021.  


This former talk show host for “Living Abundantly,” Camp Director, and Appointed Reading Specialist for the Philadelphia I.Y.W.C.C. YET program finds her greatest joy sharing the word of God, writing children's stories, teaching, helping others, and spending time with family.

What will she do next? This licensed drone pilot, Charlene Crawford, wants to teach and reach the children and youth through her nonprofit 501c3 the Crawford Educational Foundation Corporation. With CEFC partnering with Crawford Education Plus she will continue to provide summer camps, workshops, and adventures for students with a focus on coding, drones, aviation, conflict resolution, health and wellness, and mindfulness.


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