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Watch Me Grow!

Have you ever noticed how different seeds are? The one thing they have in common is that they have the potential to grow. It doesn't matter where you started or where you are. Within you is the potential to grow to be someone mighty, knowledgeable, and talented. "What do you need for soil-Education, Money, Help, Location?" The list of excuses can go on and on but gets you nowhere. If you take the first step towards being planted in the correct soil, you will experience something that will begin to change your life forever. You many seem lonely and scared but know that the soil has everything that you need for growth. It will provide moisture, warmth, nutrients, and shelter from the storms of life that will try to attack you. As you are developing roots, to the naked unskilled eye, it looks like nothing is happening. But a trained skilled eye such as a farmer knows the truth. He trusts the soil and expects a harvest. As you go please don't get caught in the conversations of the untrained. They don't mean any harm but will hinder your progress to be the plant you were designed to become great. Make your plan and look for the mentors to guide you. Now stand back and watch me grow!

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